• Company Credit Checks

    Creditsure is an innovative pioneering Credit Checking Service that delivers an efficient low cost service to thousands of Businesses and Trading individuals across the UK. They perform thousands of checks every week, delivering quick and accurate results to ensure their clients are able to make well informed decisions before providing Credit to any of their customers or entering into any rental agreements.

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  • Tenant Checks

    It is a must for any Landlord or Lettings Agency that all Tenants be 'Tenant checked' prior to the commencement of a rental term. In the current economic climate, too many property owners are cutting corners and failing to carry out the basic acts of due diligence on their prospective tenants. Over 11.7% of Rent went unpaid in the UK in 2010, totalling just over a whopping 276 Million pounds. Be sure - Be Tenantsure.

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